Only dead fish go with the flow

My photography centres on personality, emotion and the human condition: portraiture, events and art nude.

I've been developing my own film and prints for twenty years, but also shoot DSLRs and scan film digitally. My fridge at home is half food, half film. Speaking of which, may I offer some advice? Never mistake a bottle of Rodinal for Pepsi. Worst. Cola float. Ever.

For me photography is about what we create with lights and cameras, people and emotions. I enjoy the shooting and the processing, but not the post-processing. This means I try to create quality in-camera, so I turn things out quickly, but won't be doing an impression of Miss Aniela any time soon. I'm quite comfortable with your standard studio shoot, but love to get out on location for something really special.

I do photography more for collaborative artistic expression and pleasure rather than for the money. That said, I am published — national daily papers, national billboard advertising campaigns — but I'm still too surprised by this to have let the fame go to my head (and in any case, the fixer fumes got there first).

I shoot for various bits of the UK alternative scenes (Apocalypse Girls, Club Lash, ArA, Infest, Resistanz).

My fridge is stocked with:

Normal is boring. Dare to be different.