Photography Ambitions in 2011

My posts on tone-mapping, panoramas, portraiture, art nude and fetish, landscape and cityscape, nature, and experimental photography all make notes on things I should try to achieve in my photography in 2011. This post is a short-list.

General notes:

  • relax, don't be in such a hurry
  • use humour
  • don't do what everyone else does — low ISO and long exposures at a gig!?
  • experiment — examples 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • get it right "in camera"
  • put things in front of the lens that aren't the subject
  • in the race for technical elegance, don't forget the artistic
  • but don't forget the tripod/monopod
  • composition is more than just framing the picture: remember lighting, depth of focus...
  • direct your model(s) and be more confident when doing so — this shot in particular required direction
  • accept artistic input from others, including (perhaps especially?) from models
  • remember the rules, but also remember to break the rules
  • stretch yourself a little beyond the comfort zone
  • get more flash power — achieved 14th March

More specific ideas for photo-shoots (in addition to my very long list):

  • free-for-all "Facebook Profile Shoot"
  • more male-modelled photographs (paying, for a moment, attention to the "gender binary")
  • try and do at least one shoot completely "in camera" with no post-processing
  • explore the machinery/nature boundary
  • do more street photography
  • do more photography on film
  • do more black and white
  • do more "high key"

Places to consider going:

  • Sweden
  • Norfolk Broads
  • Geordie-land
  • Cornwall

Courses to look out for:

  • nature (bird or otherwise)
  • landscape
  • more studio stuff

Projects to continue: