Medium Rare

I had been wondering to myself, "How can I top shooting a music festival on 35mm film?" The only logical answer was to shoot with a larger film stock: medium format.

I saw a Mamiya 645 with an 80mm f/1.9 lens for sale in Real Camera Manchester and was drawn to it for the fast lens and economical film size. With the films or specialist developers available I knew that EI 3200 would be easily achievable, so I added this beast to my growing collection of equipment.

My first experiments were at Corporation, in the dark room at the back of the venue.

[flickr-photo:id=9491619649,size=z] [flickr-photo:id=9491614507,size=z] [flickr-photo:id=9494421078,size=z]

This was an encouraging first result, but the format's true beauty shone in portraiture:


And so, armed with this little experience and four rolls of Kodak Tri-X 400, I made my annual pilgrimage to Bradford, to shoot Infest 2013.

[flickr-photo:id=9626559140,size=z] [flickr-photo:id=9620469755,size=z] [flickr-photo:id=9620126115,size=z] [flickr-photo:id=9715164349,size=z]